Cookie Policy

Cookies help us to provide a more seamless experience for our users by personalizing their experience while using our service. We use cookies for the following reasons:

  1. To keep you logged in by remembering your browser or device so that you do not need to keep logging into our service.
  2. To help store your personal preferences such has language and location so that they do not need to be entered each time you log in.
  3. To identify and add additional security measure when someone attempts to login using your personal information while guessing different passwords.
  4. To route traffic between our servers and understand how quickly our service loads so that we can measure the experience you are having on our service.
  5. To understand how you are using our service and to analyze which parts of the service you found the most entertaining or which parts of our service failed to respond or work.
  6. To help display advertisements and to track and measure the times they are displayed. This prevents ads from being displayed multiple times to you across different devices.
  7. To provide insight to advertisers about their consumers and their interest and habits.
  8. To prevent hacking, phishing or malware attacks by recognizing devices that are originating these attacks and preventing them access to our service.
A) Where do we place Cookies?

We place cookies on any computer or device you use to log in, access and receive information from our Service.

B) Do other parties use Cookies on Liveplay?

Advertisers or Advertising Display Networks may place cookies or tags within their advertisements to track the location, times the advertisement has been displayed and to understand how you interacted with the Advertisement.