About Us

Liveplay is a full-service consulting and marketing services company for the gaming industry targeting the emerging markets – South Asia, LATAM, South East Asia and Africa

Key USPs

  1. One-stop shop for any gaming operator by providing them end to end products and services required to enter, operate and grow in the respective markets

  2. Industry expert team with a lean structure and working with market leading partners who are “best at their business” for execution

  3. Competitive Advantage – Commercial Viability, Market and Industry Knowledge, Nimble Execution and High-Quality Reporting

  4. Strong Founding team and Board of Advisors (boast 50+ years of I-Gaming experience among them)

  5. 30+ FTE – across offices in India, Philippines and the UK

  6. Less than 9 months of operation, working with majority of Tier 1 Bookmakers across various projects


End-to-end consulting and guidance to help gain and sustain a competitive position in The-Gaming Industry in emerging markets.

Market Reaserch

  1. We conduct extensive primary and secondary research for our clients in order to rank their current offering.
  2. We also conduct benchmarking analysis and competitor review for Sportsbook and Casinos across all Tier 1 Operators in the local market.
  3. We work with the client to create a set of Key USPs which would be the backbone of their offering while entering a new market.

Product Market Fit

  1. Our team of experts conducts a thorough product audit and review and peg it to the existing market leaders
  2. The output of the Product Audit and review consists of a detailed gap analysis which outlines product enhancements/tweaks in order to truly succeed in the local market
  3. Liveplay works with market leading product and solutions companies in order to ensure quick turnaround and market leading commercials for its clients

Digital Services

Support Services which allows Client to really excel in its Marketing Operations

Social Media Management

Liveplay will help build social media strategies, across platforms, tailored to individual clients based on their goals

Liveplay can create activations to drive engagement, design betting related content, and leverage our influencer network


The inclusion of cutting-edge SEO techniques will allow for us to improve the quality of targeted conversions through organic search.

The improvement of page speed, crawlability and indexation, as well as on-page SEO metrics, will improve our ability to convert highly targeted visitors  at the lowest possible CPA. Thus, SEO will lead to the highest ROI of any marketing campaign.

Sponsored Content

The idea behind sponsored content, is to create a persona of the brand in an environment the audience recognises Moreover, this allows the client to send subtle marketing messages to the target audience

Automated videos

We help our clients create real-time, relevant graphic or video content. For eg - Video updates of toss and lineups or drive in-play betting through automated prompts.

Brand Awarness

Assisting with Media Buying across various channels in order to create a strong brand impact

Media Publisher

Media Publishers in conjunction with affiliates and sponsorship creates a strong brand awareness and results in optimising and increasing efficacy of acquisition campaigns. Section specific publisher will be chosen to improve efficiency of campaign.

Live Score Apps

Live Score Apps are strong punter destinations, as these apps not only show ball-by-ball action along with odds, they also have stats for the on-going games as well as past records which the punters like.



Real Money Gaming is heavily driven by trust and hence influencer driven marketing is a personalised form of Marketing

Influencers on Youtube, Telegram, and Instagram have a huge following because they give out betting tips to the subscribers


Key Focus on Customer Acquisition with Deposit and Play Ratio as driving KPIs

  1. Affiliate Marketing

  2. Programmatic Advertosement

  3. Google Marketing

  4. Facebook Marketing

Sponsorships Endorsements

Sponsorship of Key Events is a key brand awareness and an activation strategy but needs to be picked understanding long term ROIs

Liveplay assists in negotiation and end to end management of the sponsorship opportunity for the client

Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements bring immense credibility to your brand, with the right brand ambassador your target audience will begin to trust you and your brand even if they had never known you existed before.

Liveplay has strong personal relationships with several Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 celebrities and help negotiate maximum ROI for their client in terms of both commercials as well as deliverables.

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